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Data Analytics

Unlock the future: Klarity, the communication link between Human and Artificial Intelligence.


The benefits of
Klarity at a glance

Saves Time and Money

The tools help you save valuable time and money by enabling intuitive data analysis.

Focus on Necessary Functions

It reduces the number of unnecessary features, eliminating confusion.

Simplifies Complex Data Analysis

Klarity simplifies data analysis for everyone.

Enables "Communication" with AI

Klarity Bridge provides an interface for the user to directly interact with the AI.

Analyze Large Amounts of Data - Fast

Users can effectively analyze large volumes of data with Klarity.


Who are we and what will you need Klarity for?

Our team has 20 years of experience in data analytics, forensic analysis, and software development, especially in the field of white-collar crime investigations, particularly in high-profile cases.

The majority of users (95%) only utilize a small fraction (5%) of the features provided by MS Excel. Similarly, with data analytics tools, users struggle to intuitively use them, cannot communicate with the intelligence of the machine without experts, and therefore waste valuable time and money to get the results they want.

There are numerous solutions available for analyzing big data, but they often offer excessive features that are difficult for non-IT experts to handle. These solutions primarily focus on minimizing data volume at the early stages.

As we observed the lack of intuition and communication issues between end users and IT experts managing those platforms, not to mention end users communicating with those platforms, we made it our goal to minimize the number of features to the bare necessity, increase usability, and build an interactive feature to allow the user to teach the machine throughout the work process. This makes it possible for every user, regardless of their level of knowledge, to use Klarity effectively.

Klarity represents the realization of our vision: tools that enable data analysis directly on the screens of those who work with the data. We eliminate communication gaps and eliminate 90% of the unused features that just confuse.


Our team
in the field of data analysis.

Thomas Havranek Thomas Havranek CEO of Klarity linkedin

Tax lawyer, CFE, Court Expert Witness, and founder of the first Austrian firm for white-collar crime investigation. The first project in Russia 1999, forensic & fraud investigations for major clients in finance, construction and technology industries.

Jörg Fuchslueger Jörg Fuchslueger CEO of BIConcepts Analytics linkedin

Data Scientist specializing in Natural Language Processing, Semantic Search, and Text Mining. Innovator for Legal Tech “Intelligent Content Investigation” an AI and Everything as a Service approach for and beyond E-Discovery.

Michael Zellinger Michael Zellinger COO of Klarity linkedin

Extensive experience in white-collar crime projects for banks, insurance, and construction companies. Expert in data processing, data analysis, and data visualization. Skilled project manager and team leader in eDiscovery and investigation projects.

Shariq Reza Shariq Reza CIO of Klarity linkedin

Leads external development team (currently 5-25 people). Expert for data mining, data visualization, web solutions, and front-end & back-end development. Specialist for customized client solution development. Experienced project manager.

Rudolf Röckelein Rudolf Röckelein CTO of Klarity linkedin

20 years of experience in IT. Masters in Computer Science and Life Science Technologies. Topic Modelling and AI applications in cooperation with the Austrian Office of Homeland Security, The Austrian Institute of Technology, team member of the EC Project – ASGARD.


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